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Tel : +609 565 9595

Zen Bar

Operation hours: 4pm – 12.00am Daily

French and International, premium wines

For the best dining experience, relish in delectable flavors while sipping the finest wines.

ZEN Bar, the ultra chic bar in Kuantan offer connoisseurs the finest wines from around the globe complemented with the exquisite fare of France. Stylishly designed to exude a relaxing ambience, discerning diners can relish in luscious French cuisine while sipping elegant wines. Guest can also enjoy a puff of the finest Cuban cigars available. A truly remarkable experience!

Prime Rib

Prime Rib is an extremely tender, unbelievably juicy cut of beef with a bold flavour that needs no dressing up. In fact, cooking Prime Rib is one of the easiest things you can do in the kitchen, a choice of sauce and verities selection starch along with fried and beloved Prime Rib

Lamb Shank

Lamb Shanks are slowly simmered with fresh rosemary, garlic, tomatoes and beef juice. Great served with polenta, roasted garlic mashed potatoes as you need something to soak up the wonderful sauce

An ideal venue for fine food and fine wine

The ambience is conductive for celebrate anniversary, wedding, birthday occasion, business executives to meet over our wide selection of wines or relax with a drink

The best signature dish will present​